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Triumph™ Accelerated Performance.

The NEW Triumph™ Wheel is your solution for all applications where the need is great for high capacity and ease of maneuverability. It’s the state-of-the-art answer for your manufacturing environment applications.
Standard Features:
* Non-marking wheels for excellent floor protection
* High capacity — up to 1200 lbs per wheel
* Ergonomically friendly, maintenance-free precision bearings for maximum rolling ease
* Quieter operation than standard metal wheels
* Excellent resistance to chemicals, caustics, acids, and oils
* Typical applications include tow-line, automotive and tire manufacturing, and more
* Round or Crown tread handles obstructions and swivels easier than flat tread
* Skid resistant poly tread
* Temperature range -40° to +180°F
* Light weight aluminum core mechanically & chemically bonded to round poly tread, while chemically bonded to crown poly tread
For mounting options, caster dimensions, performance options, wheel dimensions, and additional information, contact your nearest Colson location today.