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For the most heavy-duty applications, Colson offers Cast Iron, Forged Steel, and V-Groove Steel Wheels.

Cast Iron should be specified when excessive load weights are involved and floor protection is not a factor. High strength to withstand sharp impacts. Cast Iron wheels should not be used if noise is of major concern or if loads are fragile.

Forged Steel Wheels are designed for exceptionally heavy-duty service where floor protection is not a factor. Forged steel wheels have almost unbreakable construction, great wear resistance, and take shock impacts very well in power drawn service. They should not be used if noise is of major concern or if loads are fragile.

V-Groove Wheels, finished with green alkyd enamel, are designed for track or floor operation on inverted angle iron track in production lines, and are also used with hand or conveyor trucks. Wheels are cast with reinforced section at maximum stress points. V-Groove surface and face are machine finished. These wheels handle loads from 800 to 6,000 lbs. per wheel, and give greater flexibility and better use of available floor space. Curves and switches may be used in track operation.

For all steel wheels, consult your nearest Colson representative today for advice on the proper caster for the most economic and efficient handling of your particular application.