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Colson Casters offers three types of Performa® wheels: Performa, Performa Conductive, and Performa Handtruck.

Performa® wheels offer the advantages of both hard and soft tread materials in a single wheel. Like a hard tread wheel, Performa rolls easily and is very durable. Like a soft tread wheel, it rolls quietly, protects floors and resists impacts with a cushion ride. It also features maximum weatherability, low temperature flexibility, resistance to chemicals, water and steam, and rejects floor debris such as metal shavings. Non-marking thermoplastic elastomer tread is permanently bonded to durable polyolefin wheel core.

Many computer manufacturers and electronics companies require conductive wheels on assembly carts to eliminate static build-up and discharge. Although conductive caster wheels have existed for years, almost all of them mark floors. Colson has solved this problem with our new selection of Performa Conductive Wheels. These new models combine a soft cushion ride with a non-marking tread design.

Performa Handtruck wheels are light weight, high performance handtruck wheels that roll longer, quieter, and smoother without marking floors.

Available in flat and round tread.

For wheel options and other information, please contact your nearest Colson location today.