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Introducing the industry’s first single assembly Integrated Expanding Adapter ...what was once four individual pieces, has become ONE!

The Colson Single Assembly Integrated Expanding Adapter’s new format incorporates three interlocking pieces into one solid configuration for ease of installation and enhanced fit and performance.

The expanding adapter is crafted with a durable glass-filled nylon knurled nut and flange
bushing and a rubber expansion tube which fits over the stem of the caster. When the single-piece
adapter unit is placed over the stem and the nut is tightened, the unit expands to ensure a tight and
secure fit for all critical applications, such as healthcare and manufacturing material handling. The new
expanding adapter is made with completely corrosion-free materials and is available for use on all
Colson 1 and 2 Series caster models and a full assortment of Colson wheels.

Features and Benefits:

* New expanding adapter features three interlocking pieces forming an easy, single assembly — no more struggling to mesh and align four loose pieces to caster stem
* Durable glass-filled nylon knurled nut and flange bushing with rubber expansion tube
* All components corrosion free
* Turning of hex nut beneath lower raceway expands rubber expansion tube for tight permanent fit to application
* Ground-breaking design boasts equal performance as our traditional expanding adapter that demands hand assembly of four independent pieces
* Delivered to you pre-assembled, requiring only one piece attachment to our 1 and 2 Series Expanding Adapter casters