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Colson heavy-duty 6, 7, and 8-series holds capacities up to 6000 lbs.

6-series casters, with capacity up to 1500 lbs, come in top plate swivel & rigid, and Enforcer top plate swivel & rigid options. 7-series casters hold capacity up to 3500 lbs, and 8-series casters hold capacity up to 6000 lbs.
Standard Features of 6-series:
* Attractive zinc plated finish
* 1/2" hollow axle with grease zerk and lock nut
* Plastic seal/retainer washer (roller bearing models)
* 5/16" steel top plate for durability (1/4" rigid top plate)
* Grease fittings: wheel bearing and swivel raceway
* "Colson 45" multi-temp grease lubricates in extreme hot and cold temperatures
Standard Features of 7 and 8-series:
* Attractive zinc plated finish
* Single ball hardened swivel raceway construction
* 3/4" solid axle with nut
* Formed fork legs feature robotic welding inside and out for consistent quality
* Fork legs
* Recessed zerk grease fitting on swivel raceway to prevent damage, and grease fitting on wheel bearing for easy maintenance
* Multi-temp grease lubricates in extreme hot and cold temperatures
For mounting options, caster dimensions, performance options, wheel dimensions, and additional information, contact your nearest Colson location today.