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Medical application casters and wheels require quick, quiet and clean performance characteristics.  As the innovative market leader, Colson Casters has a large selection of nylon plastic casters, stainless steel casters, anti-static and anti-microbial casters and wheels, casters for use in steam wash down and autoclave applications, bed/stretcher casters, clean room, and sterilization process casters and wheels. 

Sealed precision bearings are an integral part of medical caster construction, and many of the Colson casters applied in medical and health care environments come with such maintenance-free features. Moreover, with the need to control contagious bugs and viruses in health care facilities, anti-microbial wheel products are offered by Colson Casters to ensure maximum resilience to the transmission of contaminants by casters and wheels when travelling from one environment area to another.

For your specific medical or health care application area, please contact our customer service desk.