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The material handling industry in Canada enables the flow of goods from manufacturers to distribution warehouses, and to your office and factory. Everything from platform trucks to utility carts, stock picker trucks to rolling ladders, or inter-office service carts, roll on casters and wheels. Colson Casters is an innovative leader in serving the material handling industry’s needs with versatile, easy maneuvering, long-life casters and wheels.  Whether travelling over smooth corridors, rough terrain in nurseries and farms, concrete warehouse flooring, or carpet in executive offices, Colson has the best caster and wheel for your material handling needs.

You can choose from various products that include swivel, rigid, or directional locking casters, stainless steel for corrosive environments, all plastic for institutional and health care applications, or pneumatic casters for agricultural applications or hand trucks. Casters are featured with side locking, wheel locking, or total locking brakes that firmly stop the caster from swivelling or rolling. 

Wheel options include non-marking and easy rolling Perform® Rubber, long-lasting polyurethane Hi-Tech®, glass-reinforced Maxim® nylon, steel, or shock absorbing “sandwich” wheels.  Contact your nearest Colson location today for additional information.